Past Exhibitions at RedLine

Wisconsin Visual Artists - A New Day
Members Only - Artwork by 91 members with over 170 pieces of art.


Exhibition runtime: March 9 - April 27, 2019

Artist Reception: Friday, April 26, 5pm to 9pm

Wisconsin Visual Artist, the largest, most active visual artists' organization in the State, is proud to continue promoting, advocating for and celebrating our members. WVA continues to build upon the strong foundation laid in the 118 year history of our organization with diverse, exciting and innovative art and artists. 


MARNmentors 2018/19
Final Exhibit MARNmentors 2018/19 Season

Exhibition runtime: February 1  –  March 8, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, February 1, 5:30pm to 9pm

Come and check out the MARNmentors Final Exhibit in the RedLine Milwaukee Gallery. 21 mentees this season and 17 mentors so it's going to be a phenomenal event!

This program has been generously sponsored by the Brico Fund and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF). Without sponsors like them MARN could not run these programs for the artists of Wisconsin.


David Schaefer - Solo exhibition
Winner of RedLine Milwaukee's Spring 2018 Juried Exhibition "The Modern Landscape".

Exhibition runtime: January 11  –  26, 2019

Gallery Night reception: Friday, January 18, 5pm to 9pm

Award winning artist David I. Schaefer will be featured in the RedLine Milwaukee gallery during the month of January. He earned a solo exhibition by winning RedLine's first ever open call juried exhibition titled the Modern Landscape in Spring. A Wisconsin master of  color and texture, he creates densely complex surfaces.  This technique of layering paint and creating high texture is known as impasto. With over forty years of experience, he creates works on canvas, as well as board and paper which are dramatic expressions of color and composition. 


Humans have an intrinsic attraction to both color and texture, using this as the basic platform.  David explores these concepts in a modern style reminiscent of the great impressionists with an emphasis on pointillism.  Taking inspiration from nature his pieces provoke a simple calming sense of awe and beauty.  Many times the surface is embellished with hundreds of metallic nails which glow like fine jewelry.


Photography Exhibition by FRANCIS FORD

WMSE Calendar Show in the RedLine Milwaukee Gallery

December 14, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Opening weekend: Friday 5pm to 9pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm


The RedLine Milwaukee gallery hosts an exhibition of work by renowned photographer Francis Ford. The show features photos which are in this year's WMSE calendar.

Ford has shot photos for Rolling Stone, Spin, Newsweek and many more publications, working with celebrities like Cheech Marin, John Waters, and Willem Dafoe to name a few. Visit the RedLine Milwaukee gallery to experience this captivating exhibition with one of the areas best known and most interesting photographers.


CultureJam MKE #7

Opening Event Thursday October 18, 2018 (6pm - 9pm)

Exhibition runtime: October 18 - November 17, 2018


Jeff Redmon presents the seventh show in the provocative CultureJam MKE series. The not to be missed exhibition titled Pop-CultureJam featured a group of outstanding artists who provided viewers with a critical examination of how pop culture is currently shaping the world as we know it.

The exhibition featured artwork by: Byada, Dwellephant, John Kowalczyk,Pete Railand, Sara Risley, LaNia Sproles, Daniel Fleming, Skully Skyrocket, Eric Moore, Jared Plock, Dara Larson, Brian Hibbard, Kierston Ghaznavi, Valaria Tatera, Scott Jackson, Michael Maier, THERD, Melissa Dorn, Ben Talatzko, Ryan Laessig, Marc Tasman, Kari Garon, Eric Koester, Reid Sancken, and MilRunny!


Water Works
Presented by RedLine Milwaukee & Milwaukee Water Commons 

Exhibition runtime: September 7  –  October 6, 2018

Exhibition opening event: Friday, September 7, 5pm to 9pm

Environmental art activist, Melanie Ariens, is curating "Water Works" - an exhibition that considers all we demand of water and questions whether we adequately care for and celebrate this life-sustaining resource.

Our Earth is unique in the universe because of water; it is why we are here. Our imminent arrival on the planet is announced with a rush of water and our physical selves are comprised of 70% water. We cannot grow without it. We cook with it, clean with it, manage our waste with it, and transport people, goods and fuel with it. We recreate and spiritually renew ourselves with and around water.


Participating artists: Melanie Ariens, Cynthia Brinich-Langlois, Joe Brusky, Kendra Bulgrin, Eddee Daniel, Nicholas Lampert, Overpass Light Brigade, Jenny Plevin, Pete Railand, Nirmal Raja, Susan Simensky-Bietila, Valaria Tatera, Rina Yoon.

Annual Artist in Residence Exhibition

Exhibition Opening Friday July 20, 2018 (5pm - 9pm)

Exhibition runtime: July 20  –  August 25, 2018


Join us in the gallery at RedLine Milwaukee for our Annual RedLine Artist in Residence Exhibition, TIMELINE 2018. TIMELINE is an exciting exhibition which reflects on the past year of work by all of RedLine Milwaukee’s Artists in Residence. These artists explore various media and disciplines while they comment on subject matter that is important to them and as a result, the show is reflective of current trends in contemporary art.

The outstanding artist lineup includes Jill Sebastian, Blanche Brown, Dara Larson, Marc Tasman, Kerri Root, Melanie Ariens, Tara Monnink, William Hurst, Anja Notanja, Julie VonDerVellen, Clayton Haggarty, Jake Hill, LaSonia Ragsdale, Stephanie Gibart, and Chad Matha.

Celebrating contemporary perspectives of landscape artwork
A Juried Group Exhibition

Exhibition runtime: June 7  –  July 6, 2018


The Modern Landscape exhibition at RedLine Milwaukee is dedicated to the furtherance of artists whose perception of landscapes are innovative, captivating and display expert execution of the concept. Over the course of history landscape paintings have developed from capturing mountain scenes, gently rolling hills, and still water garden ponds to cityscapes and views of urban areas, even venturing further into the abstract. One thing that remains true is that landscapes are one of the most desired genres among art collectors.  By giving artists the freedom to determine what defines a landscape, this exhibition will explore and go beyond the boundaries of the traditional landscape, giving viewers a glimpse the state of contemporary landscape painting in the early 21st century.

The Artist lineup includes: Alex Rusch, Ann Meyer, Beki Borman, Beth Stoddard, Bradley Sadler, Brian Breider, Byada Meredith, Carole Glass, Cathy Clark, Clare Jorgensen, Carolyn Snow, Charles O'Connell, Clarey Wamhoff, Clive Promhows, Colette Smith, Dan Brinkmeier, Danica Oudeans, Daniel Fleming, Daniel Kirchen, Dara Larson, David Schaefer, Deborah Brooks, Dena Nord, Edward Lazzeroni, Emily Barth Colchado, Jacqueline Joyce, Jake Hill, Joe Bree, John Kienert , John Kowalczyk, John Suess, Karen Brusubardis, Kathleen O'Connor, Kelli Greentree, Luke Chappelle, Marc Tasman, Marla Morris-Kennedy, Mary Mendla. May Klisch, Melissa Wagner-Lawler, Natalie Kahn, Ned Pritzlaff, Patricia Bertha-Mattingly, Paula DeStefanis, Robert Burns, Sabrina Rembert, Sara Risley, Scott Terry, Shana Goetsch, Shannon Molter, Sharron Mergner, Stephen Wysocki, Steven Bauer, Taylor Bourgeois, Tom Ferguson, and Tom Smith.

Forgotten Premonitions -  Angela Pierro

Exhibition runtime: April 20 - May 26, 2018

The RedLine Milwaukee gallery featured Canadian born, Milwaukee based painter Angela Pierro. She is inspired by the transitory qualities of light, creating color-flooded paintings which portray the illusion of depth and space. Pierro’s artistic practice focuses on the connection between the physical and the metaphysical. Fascinated with the science and spirituality of our human capacity to see and feel the future, she paints intuitively recalling an experience or significant occurrences.


The focus of the exhibit is to invite quiet contemplation, and to ask if taking momentary pause in our chaotic world can clear the path to see our future with greater clarity and awareness. Can stillness, reflection and finding balance cultivate our natural ability to experience premonitions?

To Whom Do We Owe Utopia? By Matthew Warren Lee

Exhibition runtime: January 19 - March 24, 2018

To Whom Do We Owe Utopia? is a retrospective of landscapes by the Milwaukee based oil painter Matthew Warren Lee. These images pay homage to the capacity for human wonder while also depicting disappointment in humanity’s inability to solve major problems of its own creation. The subjects form an archive of ambitious technologies: telescopes, particle colliders, science vessels, neutrino detectors, and towering architectures. In these intimate landscapes each mechanism erupts and transforms the land around them. The pictures are rooted in Romantic American and European landscape traditions while the lovingly detailed machines alter the spaces, making them both familiar and foreign. Within the tableau the built elements are imbued with reverence for civilization and the beauty of human ingenuity but the pictures also seem ominous. What appear to be clouds or land are painted from collages of Colorado wildfires, oil-rig explosions, and melting glaciers. Nature and its unfortunate realities strongly interject into human idealisms and a conflicted space emerges.

TRUE LIES - CultureJam MKE #6

Exhibition runtime: October 20 - November 25, 2017

True Lies is the sixth installment in the provocative CultureJam MKE series. There is an ongoing battle being waged against logic, science, free speech, and equality. In a world of “fake news” and disinformation it is vital that people look critically at the issues. The fate of the planet and humanity is
at stake.


CultureJam MKE is a no-holds-barred indie art series showcasing outstanding regional artists challenging dominant notions of the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environments. In this round CultureJam MKE founder and curator Jeff Redmon brings together 30 artists to expose truth from the lies, providing a thought provoking experience for viewers.

Passion vs Purity - Group exhibition

Exhibition run-time: June 15 - July 15, 2017

RedLine Milwaukee Co-Founder Lori Bauman brings together a select group of artists to explore two essential nouns: Passion and Purity.

Two intense emotions that border on obsession and are seemingly at opposite ends of the spectrum. This exhibition aims to convince the viewer that passion and purity run more in tandem, rather than on opposite paths, and both are needed to create and sustain a life long commitment.  To honor and celebrate her upcoming nuptials, Co-Founder, Lori Bauman, curates an exhibition of artists near and far, who have been instrumental in her learning about passion, purity and relationships. Through painting, photography, print, video and installation, these artists push on these extreme emotions that carry us through life.  Let these artists show you something about love this summer.  Exhibiting artists:  Jenny Anderson, Lori Bauman with Steve Vande Zande, Jeremy Bessoff, Bethany Cerella, Laura Merage, Skully Skyrocket, Heimo Wallner, Daniel Vernola.

Existence as Protest by Gregg Deal

Exhibition run-time:  April 21 – June 10, 2017

A show based on indigeniety as understood from an Indigenous perspective and expressed through art. The social, political, and cultural aspects of Indigenous existence are important, but also a look at how these issues are woven into the general narrative of the Indigenous experience.

Showing works that speak to contemporary Indigenous concerns such as mascots, Standing Rock /Dakota Access Pipeline, environmental and land issues, Indigenous identity is the central theme explored through portraiture and other related pieces. The juxtaposition of social issues coupled with the rich images of daily survivance work together, speaking to the Indigenous experience today.

When one considers the intergenerational experiences of Indigenous people, particularly within the context of Western historical and cultural “Kill the Indian” discourse, our very existence as Indigenous people is a protest against policies and processes aimed at extermination as a means to achieve nationalist progression.

Writing in Stone – Terese Agnew

Exhibition run-time: January 20 – March 25, 2017


A large-scale, collaborative work that incorporates the work of dozens of artists, writers, historians, performers, and skilled craftsmen, Writing in Stone is an immersive art experience that honors transformative ideas and events from Wisconsin’s past. The exhibit will travel over the course of two years, beginning at Redline Gallery, 1422 N. Fourth St., on January 20, 2017, and moving to a series of other locations across the state through November 2018.

Writing in Stone takes viewers through a setting of towering monuments, painted as if by the soot of ages, with trailing vines and gathering moss. The sculptures serve as an evolving stage set for a multi-media experience that incorporates storytellers, actors, sound recordings, and even audience members themselves.

CultureJam MKE - Revolution

October 20 - December 17, 2016

Revolution is the fifth installment in the provocative CultureJam MKE series. The no-holds-barred indie art series showcases outstanding regional artists challenging dominant notions of the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environments. In this round curator Jeff Redmon brings together 30+ artists to start a much needed REVOLUTION, providing a thought provoking experience for viewers.


Timeline 2016

July 21 - October 1, 2016

RedLine Milwaukee is the area’s most innovative artist residency program, providing a sound platform from which to examine the critical issues facing contemporary artists today. See TIMELINE, an exciting exhibition featuring work by RedLine Milwaukee’s emerging artists in residence from the past year. The show includes artwork by Cynthia Brinich­ Langlois, Jake Hill, Jamie Bilgo Bruchman, Jody Emery, Julie VonDerVellen, Katie Ryan, Luke Farley, Lynn Reif and Sue Lawton.


Jennifer Nuss

Bobbleheads: Real & Fantastical Heroism

(Milwaukee, WI) RedLine Milwaukee a 501(c)3 nonprofit urban arts community, will feature Bobbleheads: Real & Fantastical Heroism as their first exhibit of the New Year, opening in January of 2016. On display will be thousands of bobbleheads from the collection of The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. Functioning as the textbook the figurines and stories from history, sports, media, and politics pose the question: How do we define modern day heroes? This is not your typical art exhibit as Bobbleheads: Real & Fantastical Heroism invites everyone to start the conversation regarding the changing world of art, exploring the increasing emphasis and value placed on the creative class and places for makers.


Jason Ruhl - Thirteen Tales 


JoAnna Poehlmann: Now & Then


Junkyard Essays


TIMELINE and Existentialism

Keith Haring’s Apocalypse Series

RedLine Milwaukee features Keith Haring’s Apocalypse series in newest exhibit, opening Gallery Night April 25, 2014 6-9pm   RedLine Milwaukee is pleased to announce its newest exhibition The Apocalypse Series. The 1988 series by the late American artist Keith Haring is comprised of ten silkscreen prints created...


Transitions in Perspective: Myth and Mirror
Dara Larson & Nirmal Raja




RBC’s Human Touch Exhibition

RedLine Milwaukee, Inc. is pleased to announce a distinctive exhibition, celebrating people and diversity, The Human Touch: Contemporary Art from the RBC Wealth Management Collection is coming to Milwaukee and will be on display at RedLine, October 18 through December 23, 2013.

1422 Vel R. Phillips Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53212
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