Apr 20, 2018

5pm - 9pm

Forgotten Premonitions by Angela Pierro

Join us for the opening of Forgotten Premonitions on Friday, April 20, 2018 – 5pm to 9pm. The RedLine Milwaukee gallery will feature Canadian born, Milwaukee based painter Angela Pierro. She is inspired by the transitory qualities of light, creating color-flooded paintings which portray the illusion of depth and space. Pierro’s artistic practice focuses on the connection between the physical and the metaphysical. Fascinated with the science and spirituality of our human capacity to see and feel the future, she paints intuitively recalling an experience or significant occurrences.

 The focus of the exhibit is to invite quiet contemplation, and to ask if taking momentary pause in our chaotic world can clear the path to see our future with greater clarity and awareness. Can stillness, reflection and finding balance cultivate our natural ability to experience premonitions? The exhibition runs from April 20 until May 26, 2018.

Jan 19, 2018

5pm - 9pm

To Whom Do We Owe Utopia? By Matthew Warren Lee

Join us for the opening of, "To Whom Do We Owe Utopia?" a retrospective of landscapes by the Milwaukee based oil painter Matthew Warren Lee. These images pay homage to the capacity for human wonder while also depicting disappointment in humanity’s inability to solve major problems of its own creation. The subjects form an archive of ambitious technologies: telescopes, particle colliders, science vessels, neutrino detectors, and towering architectures. In these intimate landscapes each mechanism erupts and transforms the land around them. The pictures are rooted in Romantic American and European landscape traditions while the lovingly detailed machines alter the spaces, making them both familiar and foreign. Within the tableau the built elements are imbued with reverence for civilization and the beauty of human ingenuity but the pictures also seem ominous. What appear to be clouds or land are painted from collages of Colorado wildfires, oilrig explosions, and melting glaciers. Nature and its unfortunate realities strongly interject into human idealisms and a conflicted space emerges.

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