Art Galleries As A Business

Art galleries as a business

The art gallery serves a cultural function, but it must be run like a business.

The gallery owner has to know how to correctly combine both concepts (culture and business) to make the company viable.

A large majority of professionals start their activity from a more artistic than commercial perspective and this means that many initiatives fail in the first years of activity.

The relationship with the artist, as the gallery’s sustenance, is essential and will mark its exhibition hallmark, because for the gallery owner his passion for art and direct contact with the work of creators is one of the reasons that professionally inspires his vocation.

The exhibitions are free and open access, thereby providing a relevant cultural activity from which the entire society benefits.

With regard to the art market, the personality of the gallery owner and his professionalism is a guarantee of the work on display and the artists it represents.

At the head of leading galleries is usually a professional with entrepreneurial capacity, with the intuition to bet on new values and excellent public relations.

Necessary qualities so that both the artists it represents and the collectors that make up its client portfolio trust in its work.

Being a gallery owner is a vocation rather than a profession, because only with enthusiasm and a capacity for risk can it be assumed. There is no specific regulated training, although in recent years specialized courses and masters have been proliferating.

How To Make A Virtual Art Gallery?

From my point of view, a virtual art gallery is a legitimate means of promotion for emerging art talents who want to expose their works to the world for subsequent commercialization. Taking into account new technologies and new artistic movements such as pixel art and urban-art, which are recent disciplines that originated as another alternative to modern art. We may think that all artistic expressions are not yet exploited and that new movements may emerge that generate a cultural contribution to our society.

Art is a means through which people can create their own parallel reality, it is a therapy that tests creativity, aesthetics, beauty and that is not capable of being produced only with a ‘machine’ since it would lose the human value that the artist provides to his works.

I consider it important that the government and companies encourage young people to interact with art and create content as an alternative and a means of escape from the problems that afflict modern societies. It is important to note that not everything is art, although many creations have artistic influences, and that each person who considers himself an artist, to be recognized as such, must go through a stage of exploration, investigation, and interpretation of the context in which he is located. to later translate his work.

Anyone can be an artist, it is not necessary to study at university, although it might be easier for you to become one; But the most important thing when creating a work is to feel it, invest time, effort and dedication and in this way, it will give it a value that no collector or museum could afford, the value of one’s own creation.